Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 months old

So we've been home for 2 months now and I'm just now updating the blog.  That's because our lives are CRAZY!  There is hardly time to do anything besides feed babies and change diapers.  These babies are a LOT of work!  When I take one of them out, it seems like a piece of cake now. :-)  We love our children, but we are VERY tired!  The other day Ben said, "Daddy and I are going to play Wii.  We are getting out of babyland and going up to legoland!"  They needed a break.  Ben is actually a very big help and he loves cuddling his siblings.  It's hard to get anywhere but we have managed to make some outings. It's a big process to get them all ready and out the door. Our first big outing was to one of Ben's baseball games.  We are thankful for the warm weather so we can get them out for walks.  We also went to a wedding where Ben was the ring bearer and we were actually on time!  We have them on a pretty good schedule during the day, but we're still working on getting them to sleep through the night.  We're down to one feeding in the middle of the night which makes a big difference.  It's just hard because it seems like there is always at least one that needs attention.  We often have to reheat our lunch 3 or 4 times because as soon as we sit down to eat, something happens and someone needs to be taken care of.   They all had a cold for a week or two but everyone is doing well now.  One health concern is that Seth has a belly button hernia, but the doctor said it isvery common and it should go away on its own.  There is so much more to say, but it's time to feed the babies again!  Hopefully it won't be 2 months before I touch this again. :-)

Show and Tell

Ben wanted me to bring the babies in for his last show and tell of the year and it was a big hit.  He is a very proud big brother and was so excited to show off his little sister and brothers!  He carried each of them around the circle very carefully so everyone could see.  He said that was the best show and tell EVER!


 Beautiful Kathryn!  She is such a girl!  You can already tell a big difference between her and the boys.  Even her cry is girly.  She's got a really high-pitched scream.  Kate knows what she wants and she'll let us know too! :-)  She has always been the most alert out of the three.  When her eyes are open she is looking all over....very cute!  I actually got a good smile from her last week and it was adorable!  She now weighs 8 lbs. 14 oz.


Tyler is our little chunky monkey!  At 2 months he weighs 10 lb. 2 oz.!  Mark said he's going to have to spend some extra time in the Johnny Jump-up to get exercise. :-)  His cheeks are just adorable! When he is hungry there is no making him happy until there is a bottle in his mouth! He seemed to be very sleepy through the first month, but now that he's more alert he is very squirmy....just like he was in the womb!  Baby B - he was always the active one. Tyler really likes his pacifier and he loves to snuggle with Ben.


2 months old and 9 lb. 6 oz.!  Seth is such a sweet little boy!  He makes the cutest little faces.  When you hold him against your chest he likes to prop himself up and look around like in this picture.  He sounds a little bit like a kitten when he cries.  Seth seems to be the best sleeper at night, and we think he'll be the first to sleep through the night.  Hopefully that will be soon!