Saturday, April 2, 2011

33 weeks

On March 31st we reached 33 weeks!  My doctor appt. on this day was very simple.  No ultrasound this time.  Blood pressure looks really good and the heartbeats are all strong.  Two days earlier, on the 29th, I went to the doctor in Keene, and they did an ultrasound to check their biophysical profile.  This is when they look at fluid levels, heart rates, and lungs.  All 3 passed!  We are very thankful that they are all doing so well!  I'm measuring as though I was 46 weeks pregnant with one baby!  At this point we go to the doctors twice a week.  Keene on Tuesdays and Dartmouth on Thursdays.  These are my big outings of this week since I've been put on bed rest.  It's nice to get out and get fresh air!

We are also feeling much more ready at home.  Mark has been working hard and the diaper chute is finished!  Now we need to get the furniture in the babies' room and we'll feel ready as you can be for 3 babies!

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