Friday, April 22, 2011

One Big Happy Family

Our family has officially doubled in numbers.  I would have said doubled in size but at less than 5 pounds each they have some catching up to do yet.  The babies are all doing great.  They eat a little bit more at each feeding, which is every three hours.  Everyone at the hospital has been great.  They have commented that the babies are doing remarkably well for the circumstances.  We are keeping a close eye on their body temperature and making sure they do not become jaundice.  Right now they are doing a car seat test to make sure the babies can handle the ride home.  The car seat test consists of the babies sitting in their car seats for an hour and a half while their oxygen levels are monitored.

Last night the reality started to hit us a little more.  One of the babies was starting to fuss a little so I gave that one to Kristen to hold and then a second one started to fuss so I picked that one up and then the third one started to fuss and we said "what do we do now".  That is what grandmother's are for!  Kristen is recovering but still very sore.  After watching the surgery I realize why it takes so long to recover after a c-section.  The doctors were really pulling and stretching her.  I have some good pictures of the babies being pulled out but they are not suitable for the blog and those of you with queasy stomachs!

It looks like we will be able to come home on Sunday.  They want to give Kristen and the babies a little extra time to recover.  Still that is such a short hospital stay compared to what we thought may happen.  God has certainly blessed us through the whole process.


  1. I'm glad they're giving you a few extra days to heal and rest. Great family picture!!! Can't wait to meet them and change a few diapers! You are blessed.
    Nancy T.

  2. I will call because I hope to come and visit tomorrow - if you're up to it! I thought of something this morning. You know how years ago it seemed impossible that you'd have a baby? Well, the same God who blessed Ben with "above and beyond", the same God who provided doctors with the ability to overcome obstacles in pregnancy is not about to let you down when it comes to raising these little ones! Overwhelming - probably more often than not - but "when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I". I'm happy to rock crying babies while you hang out with the Rock! I've been unhappy with how my lap has 'expanded' - but maybe it will work out just fine for this situation!!!