Monday, April 18, 2011

35 1/2 Weeks

It's hard to believe we've come this far!  I just said to Mark, "Just think....this time in 2 weeks we'll have 3 babies here with us!"  Life will be different for sure, but we're looking forward to it.  I'm ready to hold these babies OUTSIDE of the womb!  I think this incredible amount of discomfort is God's way of getting you ready for delivery.  Otherwise, I think I'd be freaking out about them coming. However, at this point I say bring on the craziness!  I can't wait to walk normally again!  The swelling in my feet and ankles has gotten much worse.  It had gone down when I was put on bed rest at 31 weeks, but then it came back at 34 weeks.  At least it's warm enough now so I can wear flip flops...not that i go anywhere besides the hospital.  Mark has finished the dresser/changing table and the closet has shelves so now we can get all of the clothes, diapers, sheets, etc.  put in place.  Feeling even more ready!

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