Sunday, April 3, 2011

Preparing for 3 Babies

In order to get ready for the triplets we had to renovate one of the bedrooms. The room was completely gutted, the layout changed slightly and then drywalled. There were many people that came over to help. Ben was even put to work!

We decided that Ben would move into that room and the triplets would take over his old room. After new paint and carpet in both rooms they are almost done with a few new features. Both rooms now have a laundry chute and the triplets room also has a diaper chute. We figured that with up to 30 diapers a day the diaper genie wasn't going to cut it. The diaper chute is a 6" PVC pipe that goes from the baby room on the second floor all the way to a garbage can in the basement.

Ben is very happy with his new room. He gets a kick out of the laundry chute and likes the new paint job a decorations. He said that he would let Mark move in if he wanted to!

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