Sunday, April 24, 2011

Going Home!!!

Who would have thought that we would all be going home just four days after the triplets were born?  God has certainly been in control of this entire process and blessed us tremendously.  We are very excited to go home even though we are a little tired and know that the work has just begun.  Thankfully we have Kristen's mom waiting for us and many other people that have been a huge help.  The doctors keep asking if we have a good support system at home and that is one thing we do not have to worry about.
Kristen was officially discharged last night, but they allowed us to stay in the room one more night since the babies needed to stay.  They took her staples out this morning and were very pleased with the way the incision looked.  We were thankful to have one more night that the nurses could watch the babies and do a feeding so we could get a good chunk of sleep.  The babies are all doing great!  They were watching Tyler's weight, but that stabilized yesterday.  I think with three small babies there will always be one that has something to keep on eye on.  We would like to keep the blog updated more often but with feedings, diaper changes, naps (theirs and ours) and visitors it has been hard to find time.  Somehow I get the feeling that is going to be the normal routine for us for a while.
So, here we are getting ready to take our little Easter babies home all together....and we never even saw the inside of the NICU!  What a HUGE blessing!  We can't thank you enough for all of the prayers!

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